Welcome on my website ! My name is Pierre GEORGES, I’m a french engineer in mechanics graduated from the ENIM (École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz).

Since august 2018, CREA Prototypes brings you a new and original method for transforming an idea into a concept, then into a suitable and reliable solution, by prototyping and building models (mostly) out of LEGO® Technic parts.

Mechanical grip for slab handling – ArcelorMittal

This approach brings many benefits. The use of standard, common and yet very diverse parts allows the reproduction of almost any mechanical device. When standard parts are not suficient, 3D printing can be used as well as wood for structural work and supports.

Industrial cable car for carrying nuclear waste – Andra Cigéo

Prototypes and models smoothen and accelerate projects by making work and communication around them easier and more direct. The prototyping process takes place in your company when possible, making it agile (real-time improvement following the needs and the evolution of the project) and generating emulation and ideas around the project.